Lemme Tell You!

Things are in plain sight you have to open up your eyes too see the bigger picture, you can't feed into anything that's why things are going to be like they are the those @ the TOP been falling off the music ani't the same, Things ani't been FAIR to the Righteous, The system been CORRUPTED, the ones that got money just holding on to it they gone be broke they forgotten what it means to be @ the BOTTOM there for things are changing because people need to see the light. I'm going to say what I gotta say I don't care who with me you should be with GOD that's who matter that's all i'm going to proclaim; can't nobody stop me, they mad they been tried it ani't nothing they do gone work against me; for my GOD is for me so who can be against me. I will never work for another man, all my needs meet & papa giving me all my wants the FAVOR is upon me and it show ani't fair HAHA! I been working over time my DREAMS are ALIVE I SHINE I RISE; They can't hold me back. Whats done in the dark COMING TO LIGHT you hold tight LOVE is here. You will stop underestimating GOD sooner rather than later.

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Soo I am on vacation 😝😷 but I’m still up loading the 100 day videos YouTube haven’t been letting me uploading videos with out rejecting the for who knows what “?” But I will be uploading soon and

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