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So I know this is my blog and I’ve mainly been posting pictures, but I really wanna dive deep to expressing my self on here. Well here we goo; I moved from Cleveland Ohio when I was around 12, been staying in VA then moved around to Akron, Ohio then back to VA, to DC then back to VA. Maybe it’s just something about VA I honestly don’t what it is yet! I know I was born to be a SUPPER STAR. I Praise dance all of my life, in my younger years in churches all across Ohio now I‘m a CEO, and I can take matters into my own hands traveling the 🌎. I just love who I am honestly I’ve been showcasing just who I am, and what we are all made up as a human being finding a way through life. I just did and audition that I know in my heart I will win! I know I’ve put my best forward and it’s really my life I’m displaying, and talking about to tell my story to the world and those that will listen means a lot because we all as individuals, and a collective are going threw change growing from old into the new and I believe my life really displays that to people to embrace the new, and better that’s out here for us all.

Plentii Out 💡✌🏾

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Soo I am on vacation 😝😷 but I’m still up loading the 100 day videos YouTube haven’t been letting me uploading videos with out rejecting the for who knows what “?” But I will be uploading soon and

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