Day 32

Being in a skin like mines comes with its pros and cons! There’s things in my life I didn’t ask for but I had no choice but to deal with them the best way I could. I believe we all do in order to keep moving in life beyond the past, going forward to the light to escape the things that tried to hold us down. It’s funny in school they teach only half of history and the other half we just suppose to find out through life but being able to have a FREEDOM THAT NOBODY CAN TAKE FROM YOU IS AMAZING😉 I live life with no regrets, I stand strong for what I believe in, I spread the truth of my knowing.


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Soo I am on vacation 😝😷 but I’m still up loading the 100 day videos YouTube haven’t been letting me uploading videos with out rejecting the for who knows what “?” But I will be uploading soon and

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